Thursday, 19 January 2017

Welcome to Vector Medical, a leading medical manufacturing company focusing on surgical cutting instruments

Vector Medical is a leading medical manufacturing company specializing in Custom Precision Surgical & Medical Cutting Instruments including customs surgical blades and precision medical knives, orthopedic surgical saw blades, medical cannula and introducers, hypo tubes and sharpened tubes, biopsy punches, aortic punches, cutting forceps and dissectors.

From conceptual design phase to full production, Vector Medical walks with medical device design engineers through each and every step to optimize the processes for the best possible design, functionality and therefore surgical outcome. We call this aproach "beginning with the end in mind".

Our manufacturing capabilties include custom surgical blades, precision medical knives and various other cutting instruments for most medical specialties including but not limited to breast biopsy, cardiovascular, endoscopic, general surgery, neurology, ophthalmic, and orthopedic specialties. In order to provide the best outcome ultimately for patients, Vector Medical consistently pushes the limits on the surgical cutting technology to new horizons.

If you' re a medical device engineer looking for a reliable partner to help you build prototype cutting instruments to full volume quantities, Vector Medical is the right supplier to partner with.

Please contact Vector Medical with your needs for medical and surgical cutting instruments. To browse our products and markets, please follow the links below.